Allied Transport

South Africa
Transport and Logistics

MiX Fleet Manager Premium was installed for all Allied Transport vehicles along with the popular MiX Track and React, in the hope of increasing efficiency, driver safety and security.

Allied Transport took the liberty of conducting a case study from November 2015 to February 2016 after these changes had been made and the results are out… They saw a reduction in fuel consumption of two litres per 100 km, but most impressively saw a notable difference in driver behaviour. Hours of over-speeding was reduced by 10.41 hours over the selected period of the case study and operating costs decreased, potentially leading to an overall fuel saving of R24,024 per year.

MiX Telematics solutions include installing a sophisticated on-board computer into every vehicle where the data captured is invaluable in decreasing operating costs while assuring the safety of the driver and the vehicle.