Crusader Logistics

South Africa
02 Dec 2014

Originally a brokerage started in March 2000, Crusader Logistics transports palletized cargo, including full-load boxed cargo. With vehicles that move this valuable cargo all around the country – as well as into Botswana – 24 hours a day, it comes as no surprise that Crusader Logistics employs a full in-house monitoring team to track vehicle movements at all times. As such, they required the latest fleet management system for tracking and monitoring.

In 2003, the team at Crusader Logistics worked with channel partner Compass FM to introduce a MiX Telematics system that offered extensive driver and vehicle management functionality. Their aim was to boost efficiencies and cater to their customers’ peace of mind.

Soon after implementation, Crusader Logistics started to experience an improvement in their operational times, and routing and planning for their trips was simplified and improved. They were also able to identify patterns and save on their monthly fuel spend, and use the system for much more than they originally intended.