Mozzie Cabs

South Africa
Transport and Logistics

Mozzie Cabs provides a 24/7 metered taxi service to Durban’s tourists and local residents, and has become one of the oldest and best-known taxi brands in the region. With a fleet of 43 sedans, the company averages 1 million trips each year by servicing hotels, the airport and night spots in and around Durban.

Business challenge

To ensure its passengers experience the safest and most reliable service possible, Mozzie Cabs recognised the need for a system that could actively monitor each vehicle’s location and provide detailed reports on each driver’s behaviour. They also required a solution to supply detailed trip information in case an accident analysis was needed.

Mozzie Cabs further wanted to:

  • Reduce accident rates, improve customer safety and reduce insurance costs;
  • Have a solution that provided tachograph data for accident analysis that is admissible in court as evidence;
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs by improving driving style;
  • Have detailed information including passenger door use to investigate “private” use;
  • Introduce the King of the Road programme to coach drivers on how to reduce driving errors in order to increase their profitability, and
  • Increase driver safety by installing panic buttons into vehicles, as drivers collect cash fares.


After consulting with Compass Fleet Management (FM), a division of MiX Telematics in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province, Mozzie Cabs chose a comprehensive fleet management system which included MiX Telematics’s FM Communicator on-board computer with GPS and GPRS functionality. These on-board computers gather and transmit trip, vehicle and driver behaviour data.

The solution is complemented with the Compass FM King of the Road (KOR) programme, an incentivised driver management coaching tool developed to improve driving style, increase drivers’ productivity and enhance overall safety. The programme relies on telematics data to create reports, which help measure the driver’s behaviour scores against Mozzie Cabs’s pre-selected driving events and alerts criteria.


Compass FM was commissioned to install the solution across the company’s entire fleet. The system was then configured with unique alerts to suit Mozzie Cabs’s requirements:

  • Each time a passenger opens or closes a door;
  • Each time a vehicle approaches specific high-risk zones around the city;
  • Each time a cab is stationary for longer than one hour, and
  • Each time a vehicle drives over the speed limit, with emphasis on in-town speeding.

The system was also configured to automatically generate reports that are easy to understand and interpret.

Implementation of the overall solution included a comprehensive consultation and change management process. This included driver debriefing to help drivers become familiar with a safer and more economical driving style. Compass FM provided training on how to use the system’s online platform, as well as ongoing customer service to ensure the solution achieves the customer’s goals – especially focussing on achieving a return on investment.


Mozzie Cabs uses the data supplied by the MiX Telematics (and Compass FM) solution to incentivise its drivers when they adhere to speed limits, safe driving and company productivity measures. From August 2013 to August 2014, the percentage of drivers who received a performance incentive increased by 4% due to improved driving behaviour.
The overall result is a reduction in in-town speeding and over-revving as well as a reduction in maintenance costs across the fleet. Active GPS tracking further helps Mozzie Cabs to plan routes and passenger pick-ups. Mozzie Cabs has also reported fewer road incidents, better fuel efficiency and improved overall customer satisfaction.

“I am very happy with the service received from Compass FM in terms of technical and client support. I like that we have dedicated technicians and that technical support times are always good,” says Peter Lehman, Director of Mozzie Cabs. “Good service received from Compass FM, capable technicians and support agents who always go the extra mile. MiX Telematics also provides good support in terms of hijacking. The King of the Road programme is another reason everything is going well,” he concludes.