Keep your vehicle safe anywhere in South Africa with Beame’s mobile asset tracking and recovery services.
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Smaller, simpler and very affordable, Beame offers a whole new way to keep your moveable assets safe

Beame, a MiX Telematics brand, revolutionised the tracking industry a few years ago, in the pioneering launch of a wireless tracking unit. Today it has one of the best recovery rates in the industry.

Beame is a wireless device that is totally mobile, fits easily into your vehicle, motorbike, quad bike, trailer, caravan or any other moveable asset. Using radio frequency technology, there’s nowhere in South Africa Beame won’t go to keep your vehicle safe.

Beame customers enjoy simplicity in its truest form, from online purchasing and quick installations at a Tiger Wheel and Tyre, to the Beame Smartphone App that enables subscribers to take tracking into their own hands for extra peace of mind.



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Beame is super quick to install because it’s a wireless vehicle tracking device. This makes it exceptionally easy to hide.

There is no need to connect it to your vehicle’s power supply, which means a fast, hassle free, non-intrusive installation into your vehicle without compromising electronics or warranties.

It has a minimum of 3 years battery life under normal operating conditions, after which we’ll replace it for you free of charge (T&Cs apply).

In the unfortunate event of your asset being stolen or hi-jacked, report it via the Beame Smartphone App or our dedicated 24/7 recovery team is just a phone call away or.

0860 BEAME 1 (23 26 21)

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  • More cost effective than most vehicle recovery units
  • Will not affect your vehicle’s electronic warranty
  • Enables Stolen Vehicle Recovery of your vehicle throughout South Africa
  • 24 hour 365 days a year access to Recovery Services
  • No additional costs when a real recovery is made for stolen and/or hi-jacked vehicles
  • When your unit battery runs low, you will be notified
  • Most jammers/scramblers cannot block its signal as it’s a radio frequency unit

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