Allied Transport

South Africa | 16 | Transport and Logistics

Allied Transport formed a partnership with Compass FM and MiX Telematics over seven years ago when they began noticing an increase in operating costs linked to fuel consumption and hours of over-speeding. Clients had become concerned due to the high-risk nature of the route and industry, and so began requesting constant visibility of their assets in transit, as well as the option of monitoring driver behaviour.


South Africa | 1000, of which 600 vehicles equipped | Transport and Logistics

To reduce daily running costs, cut back mileage and improve operational efficiency, Avbob acquired a complete MiX Telematics fleet management solution from Hyper Auto. The system monitors vehicles for speeding, misuse or excessive idling, and creates detailed reports that help to implement the necessary corrective action. Results have included a drastic reduction in fuel and maintenance costs.

Barloworld Transport

South Africa | 15 | Transport and Logistics

This case study relates to a transport solution delivered by Barloworld Transport for their customer, Meadow Feeds. They sought a reliable telematics solution that would allow Meadow Feeds PMB to track their vehicles and improve the behavior of their drivers, while enhancing the overall productivity of their fleet. The fleet management solution provided by MiX Telematics resulted in a reduction in fuel consumption and impressive savings per month per truck.

H&M Removals

South Africa | 35 | Transport and Logistics

With over 24 years of experience transporting household and office furniture across South Africa, H&M Removals has gained a reputation as one of the most trusted brands in the furniture removals and self-storage business. In April 2013, H&M Removals took the safety of its customers' belongings to a new level: The company's fleet of 35 vehicles needed on-board vehicle telematics to maximize the safety of en-route freight and improve the running costs of day-to-day operations.

Mozzie Cabs

South Africa | 43 | Transport and Logistics

Mozzie Cabs provides a 24/7 metered taxi service to Durban’s tourists and local residents, and has become one of the oldest and best-known taxi brands in the region. To ensure its passengers experience the safest and most reliable service possible, Mozzie Cabs recognised the need for a system that could actively monitor each vehicle’s location and provide detailed reports on each driver’s behaviour.

Mpatamacha Game Capture

South Africa | 18 | Transport and Logistics

Mpatamacha Game Capture is a professional game capture organization based in Vaalwater in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Being in the business of transporting live animals, they rely heavily on the safe and efficient operation of their fleet to ensure a healthy bottom line. This is how MiX Telematics, in consultation with Carrus Fleet Management, helped Mpatamacha save fuel and stay efficient.

SPAR Kwa-Zulu Natal

South Africa | 102 trucks | Transport and Logistics

By closely monitoring its drivers’ behavior with the help of real-time vehicle data and system-generated violation alerts, SPAR Kwa-Zulu Natal has managed to cut back on over-speeding and excessive idling across its fleet. The result is that the company is better equipped to save on fuel and improve its fleet utilization.

Tekwani Sawmills

South Africa | 62 | Transport and Logistics

This success story pertains to KZN-based Tekwani Sawmills and the results they achieved after their first installation of a MiX Telematics fleet management solution. Fitted in partnership with channel partner Compass FM, the robust and efficient system allowed Tekwani to monitor their fleet at all times throughout the day, as well as access productivity information that minimized manual capture work.

Unitrans Agriculture & Mining Services

South Africa | 84 | Transport and Logistics

Unitrans Fuel’s Agriculture and Mining Division maintains a large customer service footprint in southern and eastern Africa. This division operates over 1,500 vehicles ranging from agricultural tractors to land trains. By partnering with MiX Telematics to introduce driver accountability and tools to monitor performance, Unitrans was able to make huge improvements in safety and efficiency within its fleet.

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