MiX Telematics solutions reinforce safety for Bus & Coach

22 Mar 2012

Paris, Brussels, March 22nd 2012: MiX Telematics, a global leader in vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, improves safety for buses and coaches mainly through its collaboration with key industry players.

Road safety is paramount to MiX Telematics. Research has shown that 80-95% of vehicle accidents are related to human factors. Therefore, MiX Telematics strives to provide the best safety solutions. Its mission is to ensure the welfare and safety of drivers and passengers in the hope that these services can help to reduce the number of accidents, improving road safety in general.

For a long time now MiX Telematics has understood what the needs are for the bus and coach industry. In partnership with Mobileye, recognised worldwide for its collision avoidance systems, MiX Telematics helps to improve driver safety. The integration of Mobileye with MiX Telematics’ onboard computer, FM Communicator, means that worldwide users can enjoy better safety and consequently, a reduction of fleet costs. The behaviour of the driver and the obstacles detected by the camera can be recorded and monitored by fleet managers. Also, audible alerts warn the driver of all kinds of potential collisions, whether they deviate from their driving lane, or drive too closely to the vehicle in front of them.

Eco-Drive is another solution that allows recording of driving events and subsequent accident prevention. Designed with passenger safety in mind, it allows the driver to be aware of his or her driving style. Indeed, Eco-Drive helps to prevent over revving, excessive idling, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and over speeding. Thanks to the embedded support tool, the RIBAS device, the driver has a real in-cab mentor. The advantages are numerous: a smoother drive for passengers, lowered fuel consumption, reduced maintenance and operating costs and a lowered impact on the environment through less carbon emissions.

Supporting new legislation which mandates having a Breathalyzer in every car is one of MiX Telematics’ new commitments. By joining forces with Alcolock, designer of a system of Breathalyzer immobilizer, the MiX Telematics solution can automatically notify fleets operators in real-time when a vehicle is immobilised, enabling them to allocate a replacement driver as quickly as possible.

Jaap Groot, European Sales Director, MiX Telematics, says, "It is unfortunate that tragedies like the one we have just had have to happen in order to alert us about the apparent need to make use of the safety solutions available today for buses and coaches. With safety and legal compliance as central elements of our offering, MiX Telematics employs experts who work daily to continuously enhance our customized solutions for the bus and coach industry.”

"Furthermore, MiX Telematics’ safety solutions bring about a tangible reduction in operational costs. In addition to a real return on investment, the brand image of the fleet operator is thus strengthened in the marketplace," concludes Groot.

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