MiX Telematics sponsors launch of TfL's Clean Air for London Commercial Vehicle Anti-Idling and Fuel Management campaign

18 Apr 2012

In a move designed to draw attention to the issues of excessive idling and poor fuel management within the commercial vehicle industry, MiX Telematics is sponsoring the launch of TfL's Clean Air for London Commercial Vehicle Anti-Idling and Fuel Management campaign. In doing so, MiX Telematics hopes its support will help speed the end of the perennial and wasteful practice of excessive idling and encourage operators to employ the latest fuel saving techniques and technologies.

"Despite on-going efforts to educate drivers, there is no doubt that both excessive idling persists and as such represents a major issue for operators within the commercial vehicle sector. This fact alone demonstrates that there is still much to be done in terms of optimising fuel management," comments Steve Coffin, Marketing & Operations Director for MiX Telematics. "While the practice of allowing engines to run for no particular reason may be convenient from a driver's point-of-view, it is also a proven fact that idling is a major contributor to fuel consumption and, therefore, pollution. 

"For these reasons, we are wholeheartedly behind this TfL initiative and hope it will help consign both excessive idling and poor fuel management to history. We know from the data our operators provide via the MiX Telematics RIBAS systems (see editor's note) fitted to their vehicles that idling is a major cause of needless fuel usage and, therefore, inefficiency in operation. If we can succeed in obviating the practice, the end result will be significantly better not only for the environment and the public at large, but also for operators' bottom lines. In short, excessive idling should be regarded within the wider context of fuel management and as such treated with zero tolerance – for there is no situation in which it can ever be beneficial in any respect."

Editor's note – Excessive idling and the MiX Telematics RIBAS system
Excessive idling is one of the key parameters monitored by the RIBAS system, an optional fitment which operates in conjunction with Fleet Manager, MiX Telematics' premium fleet management solution. The RIBAS system comprises a dashboard-mounted array of five LEDs which illuminate whenever the driver exceeds a pre-programmed vehicle parameter. Each LED is positioned alongside its corresponding letter, where:

R = over Revving
I = excessive Idling
B = harsh Braking
A = harsh Acceleration
S = over Speeding

Steve Coffin UK MiX Telematics

MiX Telematics
Founded in 1995, MiX Telematics is a global provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management products and services to consumers and companies of all sizes in 111 countries, across six continents. The company’s commercial product range – formerly marketed under the VDO brand and sold by Siemens VDO for 10 years – helps fleet owners ensure driver and passenger safety, reduce fleet running and fuel costs, comply with selected industry regulations, and track and protect vehicles and drivers. Commercial customers include Parmalat, Schlumberger, Chevron, Greyhound, Spar, and Scania. MiX Telematics has offices in South Africa, Germany, the United Kingdom, North America, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Uganda, and works via an extensive global distribution network. 

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