MiX Telematics presents its future telematics strategy for bus operators at Busworld Kortrijk 2013

18 Oct 2013

MiX Telematics, a global provider of fleet management, driver safety and vehicle tracking solutions, is presenting a new telematics strategy for bus operators at its stand, number 444 in Hall 4, at Busworld Kortrijk (17-23 October 2013). The elements of the new strategy, which encompass a broad spectrum of customisable and bespoke telematics-based options, will be presented to the media at press briefings at 14:30 on Thursday, 17 October; 11:00 and 15:00 on 18 October and again at 11:00 on 19 October.

"For the very first time we are bringing a wide range of telematics and related solutions together under a fully-integrated umbrella," comments Steve Coffin, Marketing & Operations Director for MiX Telematics (Europe). "In doing so, we will be enabling bus operators to develop strategies for fuel-efficient, safe and legally-compliant operation by way of a single system which provides an holistic view of their activities and delivers information to management and drivers in a simple, clear and concise manner. As always, our team of in-house specialists will work alongside our customers to ensure the optimum strategy is determined in every case and benefits maximised over the long term.

"At the heart of the system is our well-established and thoroughly proven fleet management solution. This has been delivering economic, efficiency and safety benefits to operators worldwide for the past 15 years. Working in close cooperation with our customers, our research and development team has now developed the system's capabilities and capacity so that other products and services can be added to the core package in order to provide a complete spectrum of operational benefits."

In addition to the central driver and vehicle monitoring functionality of the MiX Telematics fleet management solution, elements, which can be incorporated into the new strategic system, include:

Enhanced RIBAS

  • MiX Rovi
  • Four-axis Accelerometer
  • Passenger Counting
  • Real Time Engineering Data
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring
  • Alcolock
  • Bespoke reports
  • Real Time Passenger Information Data Provision

Enhanced RIBAS

RIBAS is MiX Telematics' dashboard-mounted display, which provides instant feedback to the driver on his or her driving style. The functionality of the latest generation RIBAS system has been extended to include Green/Amber/Red status lights. These lights reflect the current driving style, telling the driver when he or she is driving correctly, when a pre-programmed operational parameter (see below) is in danger of being exceeded and when a parameter has been exceeded. In this way, the new generation RIBAS display works pro-actively to help drivers stay within their vehicle's pre-programmed safety and efficiency parameters at all times.

The green status light, which takes the form of a MiX Telematics logo at the foot of the display unit, indicates that a vehicle is being driven correctly. In such circumstances, this is the only light illuminated on the display.

The amber and red status lights are incorporated into the icons appearing alongside the RIBAS letters, each of which stands for a pre-programmed operational parameter where:

R = over Revving / Ride comfort
I = excessive Idling
B = harsh Braking
A = harsh Acceleration
S = over Speeding

Whenever a parameter comes close to being exceeded, the amber light illuminates, alerting the driver to a potential problem and thereby allowing corrective action to be taken. The amber light is intended purely as a warning sign; no record of an infringement is made against the driver by the system at this time. However, should the amber warning be ignored and the parameter exceeded, the infringement is recorded by the fleet management solution and the red light illuminates.

MiX Rovi

MiX Rovi is an in-cab telematics solution that combines a range of leading-edge functionality into a single dashboard- or windscreen-mounted unit. Housed in a compact, sleek design and with a choice of a five- or seven-inch colour touch screen, MiX Rovi offers:

  • Driving style feedback, provided by way of RIBAS alerts (see above).
  • Customised data inputs allowing a wide range of operation-specific functions to be monitored. Using an intuitive web front-end, an operator could, for example, set up inputs such as a daily vehicle inspection checklist.

Four-axis Accelerometer

Designed to capture essential information:

  • Rate of turn (harsh cornering)
  • Road condition
  • Impact detection
  • Roll over detection

Passenger Counting

Based on a stereoscopic camera recording system triggered by passengers breaking an infra-red beam, the Passenger Counting system offered by MiX Telematics delivers 98% accuracy, the highest in the industry. The intelligent detection system, which is entirely autonomous in operation, distinguishes between passengers entering and leaving the vehicle.

Real Time Engineering Data

By monitoring data from the vehicle's CAN system, specific engine events such as overheating, low coolant and low oil can be recorded and reported to the fleet manager. This highly flexible solution can be customised to cover a wide range of engine events.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

A comprehensive service that monitors tyre pressures every seven seconds. Reports on high and low pressures, together with a high temperature warning are automatically fed back to the fleet manager.

Bespoke Reports

Clear, simple and concise reports are the hallmark of the MiX Telematics reporting system, with both traditional and 'RAG' (Red, Amber, Green) style reports available. All reports can be customised to meet individual requirements and are delivered direct to the fleet manager by way of FM Web, MiX Telematics' secure information and tracking portal.


Alcolock reports can now be fully integrated into MiX Telematics fleet management solutions. In addition to Pass, Warning and Fail alerts, the system detects violations, such as Alcolock bypassed or vehicle started without breath test. Alcolock reports are instantly fed back to the fleet manager by way of FM Web.

Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) Data

RPTI is the provision of information pertaining to vehicle location, route number, direction of travel at increased update rates to support third party public solutions via a web services interface. RPTI data enables passengers to see next bus arrival time on smartphones and the internet.

"Never before has so much been available to operators within a single telematics-based package," concludes Steve Coffin. "We are therefore very much looking forward to presenting the features and benefits of this leading-edge solution to operators visiting Busworld Kortrijk."

MiX Telematics

MiX Telematics is a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions delivered as SaaS to customers in 112 countries. The company’s products and services provide enterprise fleets, small fleets and consumers with solutions for safety, efficiency and security. MiX Telematics was founded in 1996 and has offices in South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, Uganda, Brazil, Australia and the United Arab Emirates as well as a network of more than 130 fleet partners world-wide. MiX Telematics shares are publically traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE: MIX) and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: MIXT). For more information, visit www.mixtelematics.co.uk.

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