MiX Telematics and Tata Automobile Team Up in South Africa

24 Oct 2013

Johannesburg, 24 October 2013 - MiX Telematics and Tata Automobile today announced their first partnership agreement in South Africa at the Johannesburg Motor Show. Tata Automobile will provide customers in the country with premium fleet management solutions across its entire commercial vehicle range for the first time. The new service offering, Tata Automobile Telematics, is available at 51 Tata dealerships around the country.

“Our main focus in offering Tata Automobile Telematics is to equip our customers with an advanced solution that enriches their bottom line. By better managing their vehicles and drivers, customers can expect improved fleet utilisation and reduced fleet operating costs, along with a significant reduction in fuel consumption. The offering also incorporates stolen vehicle recovery,” says Shaheer Abrahams, General Manager: Sales & Marketing, Tata Automobile Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd.

“Those customers that include Tata Automobile Telematics with their vehicle purchases can look forward to the key benefit of saving around 5-10% on their fuel costs after only 12 months,” says Steven Sutherland, Sales Director of MiX Telematics (Africa). “And lowering fuel consumption means a reduction in carbon emissions, which serves as a proactive move considering carbon tax legislation that is currently under deliberation in South Africa.”

Abrahams explains, “The decision to partner with a global leader with a proven track record was motivated by our desire to provide our customers with a premium fleet management offering from the outset. With MiX Telematics, we’re confident our customers will receive a world-class offering.”

As well as providing the technology, MiX Telematics will take care of the fleet management services on Tata Automobile’s behalf. The partnership therefore allows Tata Automobile to continue focussing on their core competency.

“Of course it was a consideration for us to invest in our own on-board systems, but this would have diverted our focus and also resulted in a limited offering for our customers,” adds Abrahams.

According to MiX Telematics, obtaining the data from the vehicle is only one part of the equation. The real value derived by fleet operators using an effective fleet management solution comes with understanding and turning that data into actions. An example of this would be analysing driver behaviour and identifying how it’s affecting fuel consumption. In addition to real-time, in-cab alerts that help drivers improve their driving style, driver training can be mapped and implemented according to the need.

“The OEM market is more and more realising the need to offer telematics solutions to customers, due to the tangible benefits reported by those using such technology effectively. Telematics solutions also enable OEMs to manage their risk when it comes to warranties as well as assisting them to proactively manage the servicing of their customers’ vehicles. This in turn results in cost reductions and enhanced safety. When it comes to repairs, a lot of the time vehicle owners search for a quick-fix solution that often results in the fitment of non-genuine parts,” concludes Sutherland.

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