MiX Telematics recognised as a global leader in fleet management industry

20 Apr 2014
20 April 2014, Dubai, UAE – MiX Telematics' status as a leading global provider of fleet management solutions has been acknowledged in one of the world's top business publications, with the company being identified as a prime target for investors as the telematics industry continues to develop and grow internationally and in the Middle East.
In a feature published by Forbes magazine under the headline, "MiX Telematics: Global, Green and Undervalued", contributor and co-manager of the JPS Green Economy Fund Tom Konrad states the international success of MiX Telematics makes it: "a leader in a number of trends which are likely to reshape the industry in the coming years: increasing globalisation, growing focus on reducing fuel costs, and an insurance-driven focus on improving driver safety."

The international development of the telematics industry is being driven by the positive results being generated in developed nations, such as the UK, mainland Europe and the United States as well as in developing regions such as the Gulf region. The gains from solutions such as those delivered by MiX Telematics’ products and services were highlighted recently in a survey conducted by C. J. Driscoll & Associates among US fleet managers. Results revealed that 79 percent of respondents were either 'very or somewhat satisfied' with their telematics solutions.

The survey also revealed that most operators see a return on their investment in less than a year; that fuel savings of five to eight percent are being achieved from day one due to reduced idling alone; that almost a third of fleet managers receive insurance discounts as a result of using telematics; and that many managers also report significant savings from reduced maintenance, more efficient use of driver time and fewer accidents.
According to Forbes contributor Tom Konrad, while such results make fleet management easily cost-effective for most operators, the ability of solutions such as those of MiX Telematics to modify driver behaviour, especially when used in conjunction with their in-cab RIBAS* system, helps to maximise safety and fuel efficiency. This, together with the organisation's established international presence, makes MiX Telematics one to watch.

Commenting on that conclusion, Alan Hall, Managing Director of MiX Telematics (Middle East and Australasia), says that the company has achieved remarkable results in the Middle East over the past years. “For example, a large oil and gas customer of ours achieved a 72% sustained improvement in driver behaviour only six weeks after installing a MiX Telematics solution. The same customer also achieved a 15% reduction in their fuel costs within 12 months.”
Hall adds, “MiX Telematics has obtained proven results from real-life implementation of safety focussed solutions. Using one of our solutions, a Middle East oil and gas customer has managed to reduce their road traffic accidents from 215 per year to just six within three years, following implementation.”

In addition to the company’s proven solutions, the fact that their products and services are available in 112 countries worldwide gives it unrivalled expertise on the global stage. This extensive reach, along with established relationships with over 130 fleet partners, would be extremely difficult for competitors to replicate.

“MiX Telematics is therefore ideally positioned to benefit from further international growth, as the industry continues to move forward. And we’re eager to continue demonstrating to Middle East fleet operators the vast and sustainable benefits that result when an effective fleet management solution is implemented,” concludes Hall.

*Editor's note:

Offered as an optional extra to MiX Telematics’ fleet management solutions, the RIBAS is a dashboard-mounted display of five LEDs, which illuminate whenever the driver exceeds a pre-programmed vehicle parameter. Each LED is positioned alongside its corresponding letter, where:
R = over Revving
I =  excessive Idling
B = harsh Braking
A = harsh Acceleration
S = over Speeding

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