MiX Telematics Enterprise BEE Trust and Clover Mama Afrika support the Mbekweni Community

14 Jul 2016

Johannesburg, 14 July 2016 – MiX Telematics & Clover Mama Afrika take to the Ncedisizwe Centre in Mbekweni, Western Cape, next week to provide Mama Mirriam Toni with the much needed support in caring for vulnerable children in the area. The renovation is a result of her recent win at the Clover Mama Afrika Smarties Week* where she received the Ultimate Cleanliness and Hygiene Award - resulting in a R150,000 donation by MiX Telematics.

Out of all the Clover Mama Afrika mamas, Mama Mirriam has come out tops and is set to reap the rewards of her hard work within the community, where Clover Mama Afrika and sponsor, MiX Telematics Enterprise BEE Trust will get involved in renovating her centre from 18 – 22 July.

“There is no doubt that supporting communities in need – especially where young children, our future leaders, are involved – is critical to creating comfortable environments for them to develop and grow into healthy adults,” says Professor Elain Vlok, manager for Clover’s corporate services and founder of Clover Mama Afrika.

“We are proud to again be able to support Mama Mirriam through this renovation and certainly believe that her commitment to the Clover Mama Afrika programme – over the past five years – is starting to show real results for her and her community. She is a true leader and consistently meets all the Clover mama Afrika objectives.

” With the spirit of Madiba day fresh in the air, the renovation will start at the centre on 18 July where the R150,000 donation will result in the repair of electrical and plumbing aspects, as well as repairing of the balustrades. The haven will also be receiving new bunk beds, linen, curtains as well as stoves and a range of other small items, to finish off the centre the Clover Mama Afrika way.

“As an ongoing sponsor of the Clover Mama Afrika project, MiX Telematics is very proud to be part of this renovation and believe that, as the prize sponsor, we are giving back to a community very much in need, while supporting a woman who is showing true commitment to the children that she supports – invaluable in today’s society,” says Mariette Myburgh, Executive: Transformation at MiX Telematics Enterprise.

“Giving back is all about creating access to skills, development opportunities and resources to ensure that we are growing individuals who can effectively support their communities and we believe that this project is yet another way we are supporting this thinking.” It is not just about the money however and as such, the MiX Telematics Transformation and Clover Mama Afrika teams will get physically involved in this renovation by providing support, assistance and management of the project – to ensure Mama Mirriam can focus on the children she supports.

“We are reliant on sponsorships to provide these mamas with the incentive to do better, as well as for the ongoing resource allocation that they require each year and there is no doubt that MiX Telematics’ contribution, both from a time and monetary perspective, goes a long way in providing adequate support,” concludes Vlok.

*Smarties Week is a hands-on training course that sees the Clover Mama Afrika ladies travel from different provinces across the country and unite to partake in a week of value added workshops.

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