Passenger Experience the key as Ipswich Buses renews its fleet management contract with MiX Telematics

04 Dec 2014
Ipswich Buses, the council-owned company which provides bus services in and around Ipswich, has renewed its fleet management contract with MiX Telematics.  Since first opting for MiX Telematics' Fleet Manager solution in the spring of 2011, Ipswich Buses has recorded sustained fuel savings and now enjoys a top rating for passenger satisfaction in the independently-conducted Passenger Focus survey.
"We began saving fuel as soon as the system was installed across our 85-vehicle fleet," reports Ipswich Buses Operations Manager Dean Robbie.  "Those savings have remained a constant for us since then.  While it is obviously important that we should minimise our fuel consumption, the fact that the passenger experience has been so enhanced by Fleet Manager is a critical factor for us.  Nothing is of greater concern to us than the safety and comfort of those we carry, so we were delighted to be voted the UK's second highest performing bus company in the annual Passenger Focus passenger satisfaction survey.  This was a key reason for renewing our contract with MiX Telematics."
For Ipswich Buses, an integral part of delivering an enhanced customer service is the in-cab RIBAS systems fitted in every vehicle in its fleet.  These provide the driver with an instant alert if one of five driving-style parameters is in danger of being exceeded.  The parameters covered are over-revving (R), excessive idling (I), harsh braking (B), harsh acceleration (A) and over-speeding (S).  When the vehicle is being driven within the limits of its parameters, RIBAS displays a single green light.  When a parameter is close to being exceeded an amber light displays, giving the driver an opportunity to make a correction to his or her driving style.  If the parameter should be exceeded, a red light is displayed and the infringement recorded by the system.
All data captured by Fleet Manager, including RIBAS infringement data, is relayed to MiX Telematics' secure server, which generates customisable reports for the operator.
"We have opted for 'RAG' (red-amber-green) reports, which indicate a driver's overall performance and thereby provide us with a mechanism to determine where additional training may be required," says Dean Robbie.  "The fact of that matter is that our drivers have responded extremely well to Fleet Manager, as demonstrated by our improved fuel performance and passenger experience results.  Accordingly, we see few red reports and are overall extremely satisfied with the long-term benefits delivered by our investment in MiX Telematics' service."
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