Leading the way for commercial fleets to become carbon neutral

14 Apr 2011

MiX Telematics announces carbon neutrality and offers an industry-first solution to customers

MiX Telematics, a global provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, has taken a leading step in the Telematics industry by launching the MiX Carbon Offset Initiative (COI). The service helps fleet operators take responsibility for their carbon footprint by guaranteeing a secure, accessible and cost effective way to offset the greenhouse gas emissions caused by their fleets. MiX Telematics has also become carbon neutral and is voluntarily submitting a response to the Carbon Disclosure Project for 2011, a globally recognised non-profit organisation which allows leading organisations to disclose their CO2 emissions for climate change analysis.

The road transport industry alone is responsible for 18% of global CO2 emissions*. “Considering this statistic and the fact that we service the fleets in this industry, the decision to get involved in carbon offsetting came as a natural step towards sustainability,” says Charles Tasker, Managing Director, MiX Telematics (International).

The pioneering role played by MiX Telematics is in the facilitation of the process for customers who wish to reduce their CO2 emissions or make their fleets carbon neutral, but are unsure of how best to achieve this. MiX Telematics’ COI is also suitable for those customers who are unable to assign the necessary resources required to implement an effective carbon reduction initiative with long-term value.

Helping customers reduce their carbon footprint ties in well with MiX Telematics’ offerings that enable customers to reduce fuel consumption, minimise fleet maintenance and operating costs, and make significant improvements in overall productivity and driver safety. “Although carbon offsetting is not compulsory, it is in our collective best interest to help secure a healthy future for our business and our customers’ operations, the surrounding environment and community,” concluded Tasker. 

Kevin James, CEO of Global Carbon Exchange, a leading sustainability consultancy, says, “Companies like MiX Telematics that are proactively forging ahead on their green journey and now extending a carbon offset solution to customers are setting the pace among key industry players.”

James adds that “although MiX Telematics’ COI falls within the voluntary offset market, it can be considered a strategic move as it serves to mitigate future risk of non-compliance and carbon taxes. In addition, the innovative nature of the MiX Carbon Offset Initiative resembles a new and meaningful way for MiX Telematics to engage with their growing, global enterprise customer base.”

For more information about the MiX Carbon Offset Initiative, please go to www.mixcoi.com

*Frost & Sullivan report “Demand for Green Telematics to Challenge Slowdown,” May 2009

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