Optimised information exchange and navigation for commercial fleets

11 May 2011

MiX Telematics launches MiX Display – a robust in-vehicle driver terminal built to optimise commercial fleet performance

MiX Telematics has today launched its MiX Display at the Transport Logistic Show 2011, currently being held in Munich, Germany. Especially designed for commercial vehicles and built to operate in harsh environmental conditions, the robust in-vehicle display stands out in its class due to its rugged form, high quality touch-screen, and an extensible application framework. Developed to integrate seamlessly with MiX Telematics’ industry leading fleet management solutions, the multi-purpose device enables commercial fleet operators to boost communication and control, resulting in improvements in driver, vehicle and fleet performance, as well as driver safety.

Charles Tasker, Managing Director MiX Telematics (International), says, “The consolidation of multiple features into one system translates into a comprehensive and robust solution for our fleet customers. From efficient Jobs & Messaging functionality, to best-of-breed mapping and navigation software and built-in diagnostics, MiX Display serves a multitude of fleet management requirements.”

Merging MiX Telematics’ fleet management expertise with offerings from partners like QSI Corporation and Sygic, enabled the company to develop MiX Display in line with international quality standards. An example that demonstrates this is MiX Display’s navigation capability that takes truck and road constraints into consideration and provides turn-by-turn visual and audio directions. The result for commercial fleet operators is improvements in driver performance, efficiency and customer service.

MiX Display is user-centric and built to promote efficient information exchange between the driver, the vehicle and fleet managers, who can then access valuable information at any time by logging in to the MiX Telematics’ web-based application, FM-Web. “The integration of MiX Display with FM-Web means our customers are able to make informed decisions in a timely manner and better manage the productivity and performance of their mobile workforces. In addition, they can generate valuable reports for business improvement,” adds Tasker.

Drivers interact with the Display through the touch-screen or by using the durable four-key elastomeric keypad. While they receive immediate feedback on their driving performance and real-time updates relating to jobs and vehicle events, the practical and colourful screen facilitates drivers’ input for feedback to the fleet operations office. In-cab visual and audio alerts that include ‘over-speeding’ and ‘harsh braking’ notifications, enable the driver to take corrective action, instilling safer driving habits.

“We pride ourselves as leaders in the field of fleet management solutions and have used our in-depth understanding of the specific demands within the commercial fleet industry to develop MiX Display. We believe the new solution represents a much-needed tool for commercial fleet customers who aim to achieve the highest operating standards,” concludes Tasker.

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