Modern life can be complicated, getting your vehicle recovered shouldn’t be.

Beame, a MiX Telematics brand, ensures your stolen vehicle recovery is ‘Simply Sorted’. In the unfortunate event of car theft or a hijacking, Beame offers a recovery service with one of the highest recovery rates on the market. The small, wireless device can be installed into vehicles, trailers, caravans, motorcycles and quad bikes by one of our approved fitment centres.


Wireless and non-intrusive installation:

Easy to hide, non-intrusive installation without compromising your vehicles electronics or warranties.

Quick installation:

The installation is quick and easy, as it is not connected to the car’s battery or wiring.

National network coverage:

Stolen vehicle recovery anywhere in South Africa.

Approved by major insurers:

Beame is approved by all major insurance companies, and with VESA approval and ABS certification, you can rest assured that Beame offers the best stolen vehicle recovery service.

Dedicated recovery teams:

you have 24/7/365 days access to a dedicated recovery team and recovery services.

Free recovery*:

No additional costs when a real recovery is made for stolen and/or hi-jacked vehicles.

Confidence checks:

Use the Beame App or call us to check that your Beame unit is working.

Beame Icons Smaller 170419

Beame Icons Smaller 170419

Jamming detection:

Beame can detect vehicle jamming and send an alert to the Control Centre, helping to combat vehicle theft.

Low battery alert:

The unit has a 3-year battery life. When the battery runs low, you will be notified.

Lifetime warranty*:

We’ll install a new unit for you at no cost when yours needs replacement.

Smartphone App available:

the Beame Smartphone App makes it easy to check on your unit’s battery status, report a stolen vehicle, request your insurance certificate, sign up for the Beame Protect service or register a claim if you already subscribe to the Beame Protect Service. The app is free to download and can be used by all Beame customers.

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Please note: Beame is for stolen vehicle RECOVERY ONLY. It's not a tracking service which enables you to view the live movement of your car on a map, therefore the app doesn't show your vehicle’s current location. Our sophisticated technology enables us to find your vehicle once you report it as stolen.

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