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Matrix, a MiX Telematics brand, offers three unique tailored packages, from basic vehicle tracking to advanced telematics and personal safety services. Matrix is at the forefront of innovation in the tracking industry and has developed a number of value-added vehicle tracking services such as Crash Alert, Roadside Assistance, GeoLoc Advanced Alert, Tax Logbook, Service Notification, X-Ray vision, Harsh Event Reporting, Custom Geofencing and GPS pinpoint positioning.

Matrix was the first to introduce the combined use of Radio Frequency (RF) and Global System of Mobile Communications (GSM) technology in vehicle tracking devices.  Today, inaddition to Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, this is used to triangulate the position of a vehicle with pinpoint accuracy.


With Matrix you can have total on-the-road peace-of-mind, with the assurance that Matrix is always 'right by your side'. Matrix uses the best, state-of-the art technology to ensure that every life-changing journey can be enjoyed, safe in the knowledge that your vehicle and the lives of your loved ones are in trusted hands.


The Matrix Internet Tracking App enables subscribers to easily and conveniently manage vehicle(s) from a smartphone.With access to features like vehicle tracking, roadside and medical assistance, and early warning of unauthorised movement of the vehicle, the Matrix App provides information in real-time.


Matrix offers three unique tailored packages that allow you to choose the level of vehicle tracking, telematics and personal safety services that best suit your needs and pocket.The Matrix range includes the MX1 Core Security, MX2 Enhanced Safety and the MX3 Advanced Safety.

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GPS pinpoint positioning technology enables you to view the exact location of your vehicle on a map at any given time. This also makes it possible for emergency medical and roadside assistance to be dispatched to the exact location.

With the Matrix App enjoy services such as automatically generated Tax Logbook and Service Notifications. Instantaneously report your vehicle as stolen or receive roadside and medical assistance 24/7 at the click of a button.

MX3 allows driver event informationlike harsh braking, severe acceleration, and over speeding can be monitored.

Geo-fencing technology allows you to be alerted should your vehicle enter a personalised NoGo-Zone allowing you to manage the safety of your vehicle and your loved ones.

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  • 24/7 365 day access to Matrix Recovery Services
  • Access to privately contracted rapid response agents in association with the SAPS, nationally
  • Locate the proximity of your vehicle quickly, provided GSM coverage is available
  • Locate the proximity of your vehicle even when parked in a basement or under cover
  • Locate your vehicle(s) over the internet at any time, day or night
  • Matrix Internet Tracking Smartphone App provides on-the-go accessibility to vehicle tracking, vehicle admin and places emergency assistance at your fingertips

*Dependant on the Matrix service subscription selected

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