Fleet Management Systems

Tap into valuable data about your entire fleet operation, including vehicles and drivers, to best optimise your fleet’s performance.

Using our Fleet Management systems and software, you’ll get a range of features, tools and analytics to identify opportunities to improve operation efficiency, as well as maximise your profits

Benefits of using our fleet management systems:

  • Real time fleet visibility, 24/7
  • Increase driver & asset safety on the road
  • Manage fuel & maintenance costs
  • Improve driver behaviour
  • Automate operation reports & data analysis
  • Increase customer retention rate
  • Ensure fleet compliance

Get real time fleet management solutions and start improving your ROI now.


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Fleet Management Systems suited to your requirements

MiX Fleet Manager Essential

The simple, reliable and affordable solution for fleet management.

  • Real time & historical GPS tracking of vehicles & assets
  • Driver behaviour monitoring & event notifications
  • Vehicle misuse detection
  • Integrated reporting suite delivers email reports
  • Simple & easy-to-use ‘find nearest vehicle’ tool
  • Service & licensing reminder feature
  • A range of event alerts for speeding, harsh acceleration & harsh braking


  • Enable fleet managers to speed up arrival times & give more accurate ETAs
  • Get fuel consumption savings & improve safety due to driver behaviour modification
  • Ensure less breakdowns & unexpected vehicle maintenance with efficient maintenance schedules
  • Reduce mileage & unauthorised vehicle usage
  • Access data & information about your fleet 24/7 via the solution’s
    web-based software platform or mobile application


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MiX Fleet Manager Premium

Our end-to-end solution to sustain high-performing operations for optimal safety & efficiency.

  • Real time & historical GPS tracking of vehicles & assets
  • Monitor which driver is driving which vehicle
  • Customer support 24/7 & priority service queue
  • Sophisticated & flexible software
  • Allocated client account manager
  • Advanced reporting suite
  • Online MiX Learning Centre (MLC)


  • Improve productivity by analysing activity timelines & utilisation patterns
  • Improve driver behaviour & safety to reduce accident risks
  • Reduce fuel & maintenance costs
  • Enhance customer service with ‘find nearest vehicle’ tool
  • Manage servicing & licensing schedules
  • Access data & information about your fleet 24/7 via the solution’s
    web-based software platform or mobile application


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MiX Fleet Manager Software

Offering both web and mobile accessibility allows for easy and convenient GPS tracking of fleet vehicles from any internet enabled computer, smartphone or tablet, providing actionable intelligence on demand.

Our feature-rich software platform has the capacity to report basic, real time information on current and historical vehicle locations and driver behaviour.

Other useful information is also displayed here, including speed, driving direction, ignition status, driving violations and a trail of where the asset has been.

Our proactive monitoring enables real time asset management, allowing you to take immediate corrective action and send messages to and from assets and/or drivers.


What does a fleet management system do?

Any organisation that makes use of commercial vehicles engages in some form of fleet operations and fleet management.

The main purpose of fleet management is to oversee all fleet performance and fleet maintenance in order to maximise productivity, while minimising risks and costs.

In turn, this helps the organisation / business run as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

MiX Telematics’ fleet management systems use an integrated telematics approach, offering more than simply tracking your vehicles and assets.

With a combination of basic telematics and additional fleet management tools, we deliver actionable intelligence allowing fleet operators to solve even the most complex vehicle and driver related issues.

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How do you manage a fleet of vehicles?

These are some of the recommended steps when managing a fleet of vehicles:

  1. Have a fleet management system
    We provide a holistic fleet management solution using telematics hardware and software, aimed at maximising your fleet operation efficiency and your profits!
  2. Use state-of-the-art fleet management software
    Our fleet management software regularly delivers insights on where you can optimise your processes.
  3. Keep proper records of all data
    The MiX Telematics fleet management solutions will do this for you, automatically!
  4. Monitor driver behaviour
    Receive driving event notifications so you can monitor driver behaviour and identify areas that need to be addressed.
  5. Offer additional training for drivers
    Use the valuable data attained from MiX Telematics’ solutions to carry out driver briefings, training and incentive programmes.
  6. Take care of your vehicles
    MiX Telematics helps you handle your fleet maintenance schedules for your vehicles and assets, making sure you never miss a service.

MiX Telematics delivers effortless fleet management with tangible results.


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What is the best fleet management software?

Leading fleet management software utilises telematics (which includes GPS tracking data) to provide insights in order to optimise the efficiency of the fleet operation, and ultimately, increase overall profits and return on investment.

Fleet maintenance and fuel consumption are reduced when using top-quality fleet management systems and software.

Achieve the perfect balance between fleet safety and productivity with our fleet management solutions!

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