Fleet Management Services

Fleet management services that offer fleet managers and owners instant access to intelligence regarding their vehicles and drivers are required to run a safe and profitable fleet operation.

MiX Telematics allows you to track more than just your vehicles. Fleet managers are accountable for vehicle acquisition and maintenance, fuel management, health & safety, and compliance. Essentially, their duty is to manage their company’s fleet of commercial vehicles in a manner that reduces costs, improves efficiency and ensures compliance across an entire fleet operation.

The fleet services required to achieve this may vary, and include fuel management, driver behaviour management (speeding, braking, idling, route deviations), vehicle tracking and theft prevention,. This is where effective fleet monitoring plays a role.

MiX Telematics’ fleet management services give fleet owners and fleet managers peace of mind with:

  • Driver behaviour management software that links driver behaviour with profitability
  • Effective contact between driver / manager using in-cab display and software
  • Comprehensive views of incidents and the events leading to an incident
  • Enhanced reporting service

Conduct fleet management effortlessly and achieve tangible results with Mix Telematics’ fleet management services.

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Fleet management system that helps with vehicle fleet management for fleet management companies.

Add extra value to your telematics fleet tracking system with a wide range of fleet management services

MiX Insight Analyser

By using Big Data in a simplified way, this online platform shows fleet managers exactly what areas to focus on and which changes to implement for immediate improvements. This software helps fleet managers achieve a significant reduction in costs, decrease downtime, and improve operational efficiencies.

MiX Insight Analyser helps fleet managers with:

  • Trends & conclusions about fleet utilisation and driver behaviour
  • Data analysis leading to appropriate & informed decision-making
  • User-friendly & engaging dashboards
  • No manual sifting through large amounts of data
  • Using a dynamic visual interface, with graphs, charts & tables
  • Automatic updating of user pre-sets in real-time
  • Identifying at risk drivers. No frustration from static telematics reports


Vehicle tracking software for vehicle fleet management from Mix Telematics is considered among the best fleet management software.

Vehicle fleet management software for the ideal telematics vehicle tracking.

MiX Rovi II™

MiX Rovi II is a rugged in-cab display that keeps drivers and fleet managers in contact with each other effectively, even under the toughest conditions. It helps to improve safety, increase efficiency and ensure compliance.

Connected to a MiX Telematics’ on-board computer, MiX Rovi II provides information to the driver or the fleet manager through a number of features including custom data inputs, on-board navigation, jobs and messaging, real-time job dispatching and driving alerts

MiX Rovi II relieves driver pressure, improves productivity and customer service, and reduces fuel and wear and tear costs. Some features include:

  • Design that withstands operation in harsh conditions and extreme temperatures
  • Makes GPS and GSM operating statuses and other onboard diagnostic information visible
  • Drivers receive jobs in real time along with accurate turn-by-turn navigation
  • On-screen pop-ups and voice prompts that alert drivers of driving violations


MiX Vision AI™

For when visual evidence matters.

View and analyse driver related incidents first-hand using video footage captured with road- and in-cab facing integrated AI dash cams. MiX Vision continuously captures rolling video for retrieval of any 2:30-minute segment when needed.

Features of this unique AI-powered video solution include:

  • In-vehicle camera
  • Serialised external cameras
  • Event-triggered video events
  • High-quality videos on demand
  • 72 hours of video playback
  • Audio and text overlay on videos

Used by risk managers and distribution teams for driver training initiatives, incident analysis and health & safety, MiX Vision ™ benefits include:

  • Full control over your fleet
  • Improved driver & fleet safety
  • Increased profitability

Real-time monitoring via live streaming is available on demand.


Telematics vehicle tracking helps when visual evidence matters.

Ideal for truck fleet management software, vehicle management systems and fleet maintenance management.

MiX Vision Bureau Service™

A dedicated team of video analysts provide regular feedback about driver behaviour and the health status of the MiX Vision cameras.

Subscribers to MiX Vision Bureau Service™:

  • receive a weekly report detailing camera health for the whole fleet.
  • ensure uptime of all MiX Vision camera units daily
  • see detailed comparisons of driver coaching effectiveness
  • get lists all coachable driver events flagged for attention
  • get an overview of all coachable events identified per incident
  • receive a list of all details for a specific incident
  • see improvements and/or declines in driver behaviour
  • view in-depth record of a driver’s previous flagged behaviours
  • receive an overview of all incidents on an interactive map, helping determine high risk areas


MiX Mobileye

Reduce and prevent collisions with the MiX Telematics intelligent vision sensor that views the road ahead to identify objects in your driver’s path like other vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians.

This collision avoidance system:

  • continuously reads the road ahead
  • calculates and reduces the risk of collision
  • detects lane markings and traffic signs
  • audio and visual alerts to warn drivers when imminent danger is detected
  • real-time feedback to the driver

Mobileye can also be used as a driver evaluation and training tool.


Used as a vehicle tracking management system, Mobileye is suitable for telematics vehicle tracking and company car management.

Built with fleet owners in mind

Did you know? Fuel (generally) accounts for approximately 33% of a fleet’s operating costs. If fuel is not managed carefully, it could result in overspend.

You need to track more than just your vehicle

As one of the top fleet management companies globally and a leading provider of mobile asset information and related services, Mix Telematics provides all the fleet management services you require. Our solutions are designed to match your specific fleet needs, including those that help you manage fuel usage and driver behaviour.

This allows you to operate at full-capacity, safely and efficiently, and to improve driver productivity and customer satisfaction.

Additional fleet management services

MiX Sat Comms

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Provides reliable and cost-effective global satellite communication in areas with limited or no GSM coverage.

  • Never miss critical events notifications
  • Always connected with your assets irrespective of GSM communication availability
  • Reduce communication costs

MiX Track and React Bureau Service

GPS fleet tracking software is used by our Bureau Service.

Users of this software can hold drivers and fleets accountable to reduce risk and provide greater peace of mind.

  • Instant alerts & detailed reporting
  • Incident management & Compliance training
  • Event-based monitoring

MiX ReportMyDriving

Top fleet management companies use MiX ReportMyDriving, which helps manage driver behaviour.

Reduces accidents and related costs, with fewer traffic fines and more efficient fleet operations.

  • Stickers with the hotline number for vehicles
  • Keeps drivers accountable
  • Improves driver behaviour

MyMiX Tracking

MyMix Tracking is a simple software fleet management device.

An online modular platform that equips drivers with tools to assess and improve their driving behaviour.

  • Improves driver safety and performance
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • App-based solution – no hardware or on-board computer needed

MiX Talk

Mix Talk is simple vehicle fleet management software.

Hands-free communications device that reduces driver distraction and communication costs.

  • Programmed predefined contact numbers
  • Easy-to-use 5-button system
  • Includes hands-free microphone, speaker & buzzer

Our Vision:

MiX Telematics aims to be the leading global provider of information and related services for mobile assets.

Our strategy is to create a profitable, cash generative business by expanding our recurring revenue model through our worldwide distribution network.

With significant critical mass, a global footprint, a large subscriber base and a history of operating successfully in international markets, we are ideally positioned to take full advantage of significant international and local growth opportunities.


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