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Keep your assets safe and improve driver behaviour to lower your fleet costs

Fleet management software from MiX Telematics helps you manage and monitor your vehicles’ locations and utilisation, both historically and in real time. Access valuable data and information about your fleet 24/7 via the MiX Fleet Manager web-based software platform or mobile application.

By understanding where your assets are and how they are being used, fleet owners and managers can monitor driver behaviour, improve customer service levels and reduce unnecessary costs in order to improve operational performance and effectiveness.

MiX Telematics offers fleet operators end-to-end vehicle tracking and monitoring solutions that include fleet management software and hardware. We offer a range of different vehicle management packages, which are customisable to meet your operational requirements.

Whatever your fleet goals, MiX Telematics will work with you to develop a cost-effective, reliable solution to address your needs for a more productive, efficient and profitable fleet.


overview tracking portal

overview tracking portal

MiX Telematics offers a range of different fleet management and vehicle tracking packages to meet your operational requirements, ensuring a fit-for-purpose, cost effective solution.

MiX Fleet Manager Essential: a simple, affordable and reliable solution for monitoring drivers and vehicles

MiX Fleet Manager Premium: a comprehensive fleet management solution designed to reduce operating costs and risk, increase profitability and improve customer service

Optional services & add-ons: enhance your MiX Fleet Manager with additional specialist telemetry services and accessories for highly individualised fleet management solutions


MiX Fleet Manager: The insights you need on your fleet

MiX Fleet Manager Essential

MiX Fleet Manager Essential is the perfect solution for fleet managers and owners with basic tracking, vehicle and driver management needs.

Features at a glance:

  • Track vehicles in real time or perform a replay
  • Define and manage locations, stops and zones, and monitor any violations relating to these rules
  • Receive event notifications and a historical record of transgressions relating to impact detection, speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and fast cornering
  • Analyse trip details such as trip start date and time, end location, trip distance, driving time, idling time and more
  • Identify and manage drivers, licences and services
  • Generate movement, event, trip, utilisation, driver scoring and cost analysis reports


features tracking

overview tracking portal

MiX Fleet Manager Premium

Fleet efficiency at its best! MiX Fleet Manager Premium is an end-to-end solution providing fleet operators with unlimited access to information about their vehicles and drivers, with advanced features, tools and reports to help maximise ROI!

Benefits at a glance:

  • Monitor, manage and improve driver behaviour
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs
  • Analyse activity timelines that illustrate utilisation patterns to improve productivity and utilisation
  • Enhanced customer service with the find-nearest-vehicle function to assign a job to the driver closest to a specific customer
  • Improve driver safety and reduce risk
  • Manage servicing and licensing schedules through automated reminders. Reminders can be configured to trigger when the set distance, duration or engine hours have been reached


Additional Value Added Services and Accessories:

We supply a complete range of additional fleet management solutions, which are easily implemented into your fleet management software for a completely bespoke, highly efficient fleet solution.

  • MiX Insight Analyser – Business Intelligence platform
  • MiX Track and React Bureau Service – 24/7 Control of your fleet
  • MiX Vision – Eyes on your fleet
  • MiX Vision Bureau Service – Camera health & driver behaviour feedback
  • MiX ReportMyDriving – Hotline service
  • MyMiX – Driver engagement & task management platform
  • MiX Talk – Hands-free communication
  • MiX Rovi – Improve driver communication
  • MiX Mobileye – Prevent and reduce collisions
  • MiX Sat Comms – Reliable, global satellite communication
  • MiX Panic Button – In the event of an emergency
  • MiX Driver Identification – Control access to vehicles
  • MiX Trailer Tracking – Mobile asset location management
  • Fuel Management & MiX Fuel Security solutions
  • Driver Performance Management – Monitor, improve and reward good driving behaviour


features tracking

Want to improve your business intelligence with data-driven
insights and decision making?

You need MiX Insight Analyser

Mix in action

Big Data, made simple

MiX Insight Analyser is an online platform that aggregates relevant and accurate data from your MiX Fleet Manager to show you exactly what areas to focus on and which changes to make for immediate improvement.

What data can you access?

  • With weekly, monthly, yearly comparisons, fleet operators can analyse trends and gain greater understanding of their fleet performance and improve decision making
  • Get a quick and convenient overview of key operational metrics that require attention via the status overview dashboard
  • Gain a better understanding of your asset utilisation, in terms of hours or kilometres driven, and compare these against weekly, monthly and yearly metrics
  • Compare individual driver scores to KPIs in order to identify high-risk drivers and correct bad habits, resulting in improved compliance
  • In-depth fuel consumption analysis, with average cost per-litre and per-km comparisons

An integrated, agile turnkey fleet management solution

MiX Telematics fleet management software delivers a rich data layer providing details for trend analysis on asset utilisation, driver behaviour and fuel consumption. This gives you the tools for more effective management and increased profitability of your fleet.

  • Completely integrated, convenient reporting suite delivers reports via email
  • Improve operational performance and agility by quickly re-assigning tasks to nearest drivers in real-time to reduce distance travelled and improve arrival times at customers’ sites
  • Optimise maintenance schedules through servicing and licensing reminders to improve compliance and reduce unexpected breakdowns
  • Detect and eliminate vehicle misuse and bad driving habits such as excessive idling, speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and more
  • Improve driver behaviour by monitoring driver information and event notifications, and implementing corrective actions to save fuel and improve safety

From simple, affordable and fit-for-purpose essential fleet management solutions to a complete, powerful telemetry-based premium solution, we will work with you to customise your fleet management solution for improved safety, ensured compliance and increased security and efficiency.

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